LGBTQIA2S+ Archival Collections Gathering Event
In partnership with Unequoloada, Museum of the Cherokee People hosts an archiving event that welcomes members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to share oral histories and materials relating to LGBTQ2S+ life and experiences.

LGBTQIA2S+ Archival Collections Gathering Event

Museum of the Cherokee People is pleased to partner with Unequolada for an LGBTQIA2S+ Archival Collections Gathering event on June 13 in the Museum’s Multipurpose Room.
Walk-ins are welcome from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Collections staff will be available to scan or photograph any archival items or objects relating to LGBTQIA2S+ experiences of members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, including but not limited to photographs, scrapbooks, audio/visual recordings, pamphlets and printed materials, posters, letters/written correspondence, visual art, sketchbooks, etc.
Staff will also be equipped to record oral histories for those interested in sharing their personal experiences, family histories, and recollections.
The Museum seeks to provide safe housing for these items and community access through the development of this collection.
Unequolada is a queer Anikituwah group. Our namesake is credited to a fluent-speaking queer Ankituwah elder. Their contribution is invaluable. Unequolada translates to rainbows. Building a safe and inclusive environment for our queer and Two-Spirit relatives is important for kin keeping, healing intergenerational trauma, and Two-Spirit and queer liberation. Our work aims to bring our community together and hold welcoming and safe spaces for our Two-Spirit and queer relatives.